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Synergy Concepts is the perfect solution for your behavioral health medical billing needs. We focus only on behavioral health so that our staff has expert knowledge for billing, coding, and claims for your behavioral health facility. Contact us today with any services you would like to learn more about or a quote to start working with us.

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We are more than just a behavioral health medical billing and revenue cycle management company. We care about you and your patients. We are your partner in achieving maximum productivity for long-term solutions and results for our clients. Mental health goes beyond treatment; mental and behavioral health requires support from your community. We want to be a part of your community and support you and your patients.

We assist and help develop many aspects of our treatment provider’s companies-beginning with admissions all the way through to clinical documentation to ensure they are in compliance with insurance company requirements. Because each level of care requires different needs, our services are never a one-size-fits-all solution.

We also write articles about addiction signs to look out for, substance abuse treatment options, the climate of the world today, and what treatment programs are available for your patients. Synergy Concepts also discusses medical billing and revenue cycle management processes and the benefits for you to use a third-party company. We are here for you.

Using a third-party company helps you to be better able to treat your patients. Not only does it allow you to better focus on your patients, but it removes the stress and anxiety you have when you are so focused on bringing in your revenue yourself.