Revenue Cycle Management

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Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is the administration of financial transactions that result from the medical encounters between a patient and a provider, facility, and/or supplier. These transactions include, without limitation, billing, collections, payer contracting, provider enrollment, coding, data analytics, management, and compliance.

From claims submissions and receivables to coding and compliance, we can help you run your billing processes much more efficiently.

Improve Revenue Cycle Operations

A major part of accurate billing is submitting accurate claims to both commercial and governmental insurance providers.

Maintaining efficient revenue cycle operations is a challenge for most healthcare organizations, but Synergy Concepts has identified ways to improve them. Our revenue cycle management services fill the gaps in your billing and collections processes so they work more efficiently for your administrative and accounting personnel and patients.

Managing All the Information

To operate a successful practice, managing the financial process is vital to the success of your behavioral healthcare practice or institution. From registration and appointment scheduling to the final payment of a balance, Synergy Concepts wants to help you be successful.

  • Claim Preparation: all the information for building claims
  • Claim Submission: only as good as the information on the claims and processed as directed by insurances through a clearinghouse
  • Claims Management: we manage your claims to make sure they are processed effectively and efficiently
  • Reports and Analytics: our reports are frequently updated and reviewed for your benefit

Analyze to Capture Payments for Accounts Receivable

We offer an effective RCM system that can reduce the amount of time between providing a service and receiving payment by interacting with electronic health records and medical billing systems as your patients move through the behavioral treatment process.

We know that the information going into your system is vital to the medical billing process, but knowing everything about your accounts receivable is the final part of managing the revenue cycle. Having the capability to run reports and analyze the status of your accounts receivable is vital to understanding the health of your practice.

Reduce Your Operating Costs

We go beyond improving revenue cycle workflows. Synergy Concepts leads behavioral health facilities and clinics to reduced operating costs and steadier cash flows. Ultimately, partnering with our revenue cycle management experts ensures operational best practices. This allows every employee in every area of your organization to focus on delivering quality care for your patients.

  • Claims Submissions
  • Coding & Compliance
  • EHR Maintenance
  • Billing & Insurance Follow-ups
  • Denials & Appeals Management

Employing a comprehensive revenue cycle management team increases cash collections for even the largest, most complex billing departments. Using our up-to-date software tools, real-time analytics, detailed reporting, and clear revenue cycle best practices ensures your billing and claims are collected.

Synergy Concepts’ revenue cycle management services will help you improve all areas of your behavioral health billing operations. Contact us with your questions about how to improve your revenue cycle management.