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Synergy Concepts Behavioral Health Billing Peace

Synergy Concepts goes above and beyond behavioral health medical billing and coding. Our facility is not just a billing facility, we work with you as a partner to solve problems. Our goal is to solve your billing problems and bring you financial happiness.

Synergy Concepts Serves the United States

Synergy Concepts behavioral health medical billing services office is located in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee. We remotely serve behavioral health and addiction treatment facilities across the United States. Whether you are located in Jacksonville, Florida, or Phoenix, Arizona we are confident in our ability to service your medical billing and coding needs.

Behavioral Health Insurance Billing Services

Behavioral Health Aging Accounts Receivable

At Synergy Concepts, we have an experienced team of specialists. Therefore, our specialists have extensive knowledge of behavioral health billing codes. We will research and advise you and the best outcome for your behavioral health aging accounts receivable. Let us help you get paid.

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Behavioral Health Medical Billing Solutions

Our medical billing solutions will keep the billing and claims portion of your behavioral health facility’s needs to be stress-free. In other words, we want you to focus on helping your addiction treatment patients so they can get better and back to their healthy lives.

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Behavioral Health Medical Billing and Claim Management

Synergy Concepts knows how complex, frustrating, and time-consuming the billing and insurance management process can be. We will take those burdens off your shoulders, so you can get back to the important things, running your behavioral health facility.

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Behavioral Health Insurance Billing Consulting and Training

Synergy Concepts’ consulting services and training services will help you gain a deep understanding and knowledge of the relevant ethics and laws in the behavioral health industry. Above all, this training will enable you to offer a higher quality of care for your patients.

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Behavioral Health Insurance Pre-Authorization & Utilization Review

Synergy Concepts’ pre-authorization and utilization review services are conducted by our team of qualified insurance management process experts and clinicians. Because of our expertise, we ensure your patients will receive the best advocacy and treatment possible through their benefits.

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Reporting Behavioral Health Billing and Claims

Synergy Concepts data reporting is made possible because of our advanced technical data system. This system is viewable with updated reports of claims status via our enhanced portal.

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Revenue Cycle Management

From medical billing claims submissions and receivables to coding and compliance, Synergy Concepts can help you run your billing processes much more efficiently. Revenue is what keeps your facility open, therefore we work hard to keep revenue coming.

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Special Operations

Synergy Concepts Special Operations team navigates particularly difficult and time-consuming claims issues including insurance company refund requests and complicated denial situations to help you stay on track.

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Behavioral Health Verification of Benefits

When you need us, we are here to make sure you get those claims paid. Our verification of benefits procedure is quick and easy. Synergy Concepts knows you need behavioral health inpatients insurance benefits verified right away. Because of your fast needs, we work quickly with the insurance companies to verify your patients’ benefits.

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