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Verification of Benefits

The VOB Process is a Critical Part of Medical Billing

The verification of benefits process is one of the most important steps in the insurance management process. Our attention to detail ensures our process for verification of benefits is done correctly, saving time when processing billing and claims.

Synergy Concepts takes pride in our detailed processes for verifying the benefits of our mental and behavioral health providers’ patients. We have a large database of insurance policies and track the outcomes of the policies and insurance carriers. This reassures our clients to accurately inform their patients of their benefits and what to expect for reimbursement when treating individuals for mental health or substance abuse disorders.

Synergy Concepts’ verification of benefits process is efficient, timely, and comprehensive. We want you to receive your VOBs as quickly as possible so that you and your patients are ready to start the addiction treatment process as soon as possible.

Our verification of insurance benefits service standardizes admission processes to improve patient flow. As your authoritative source, we will navigate through the misinformation that is often provided by carriers and guide you through the proper documentation for a thorough utilization review.

Understanding Verification of Benefits (VOB)

Verification of Benefits (VOB) is a process that allows you to confirm the specifics of your healthcare coverage. When your patient requests treatment from your facility, you receive their insurance information and we verify the benefits. This process helps you and the patient understand what services are covered, the costs the patient may be responsible for, and any limitations or restrictions that apply to the policy.

Why Does it Matter for You and Your Patients?

By verifying your benefits upfront, you can avoid unpleasant surprises like unexpected bills or unwanted out-of-pocket expenses. It allows your patients to plan their budgets accordingly and understand what to expect when it comes to copayments, deductibles, and any coverage limitations. Ultimately, VOB empowers you to make informed decisions about your patients, saving you stress and potentially lots of money.

Behavioral Health Billing is an Industry in Constant Change

Insurance eligibility verification is the first and most important step in the medical billing process. The verification of benefits has evolved well beyond deductibles and co-pays. It’s no longer a simple eligibility check. It requires an experienced staff who will work with you directly, and who understands payer benefit systems to eliminate the risk of inaccurate, incomplete, or out-of-date information.

As the behavioral healthcare industry continues to grow, insurance carriers are decreasing the number of claims they are paying. This can make verifying benefits challenging. With carriers adding layers of criteria to individual benefit plans, it’s difficult to avoid administrative and financial errors without the help of a verification specialist.

How Does VOB Work?

The Verification of Benefits process starts when we contact the insurance company to verify a patient’s benefits for a specific service or treatment. This can be done by phone, online, or through a secure portal. During the verification process, the insurance company will provide important details, such as:

1. Coverage

It outlines the services, procedures, or treatments that are covered under your plan. This information is crucial for understanding what your insurance will pay for and what you may have to pay out of pocket.

2. Eligibility

The insurance company will confirm whether you are eligible for the benefits you are seeking. It ensures that you are still an active member of the plan and that the specific service is covered at the time of your request.

3. Cost-sharing

VOB also sheds light on your financial responsibility. It provides insight into copayments, deductibles, and coinsurance, which are the amounts you may need to pay towards your healthcare expenses.

4. Utilization Management

Some insurance plans have restrictions or requirements known as utilization management. VOB helps you understand if any pre-authorization, referrals, or specific guidelines are needed to access certain services.

What are the Benefits of VOB?

1. Financial Planning

By understanding your patient’s benefits in advance, you can plan their treatment, inform your patient of their out-of-pocket so can budget, and avoid any unexpected financial surprises.

2. Informed Decision-making

Armed with knowledge about your patient’s coverage, you can make informed decisions about their healthcare treatment options. You can choose providers and treatments that align with their needs and budget.

3. Avoiding Billing Errors

VOB allows you to catch any potential billing errors before they become a headache. You can address discrepancies and ensure that you are not missing any charges for services.

Ongoing Clinical Review Management

All benefit information must be verified before offering advisement. However, confirming that there are no changes to a client’s benefits during their stay is just as crucial as when they first arrive at your facility.

Therefore, we offer ongoing clinical reviews of your clients’ insurance carriers while they are with you. Conducting clinical reviews guarantees the information you received initially remains accurate and up-to-date and avoids the high risk of error. We help you plan to re-verify and determine what may have changed with each patient’s benefits. This process solidifies your verification process so you can provide the highest level of service and extend the length of client stays, all while we keep the insurance provider accountable.

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