Synergy Concepts Aging Accounts Receivable

Aging Accounts Receivable

At Synergy Concepts, we have found that many addiction treatment and behavioral health facilities have large dollar amounts of outstanding accounts receivable.  We often encounter this problem even when the facility has a billing solution partner. We have solutions and systems to help you significantly reduce or even eliminate your aging accounts receivable.

How Our Aging Accounts Receivable Works

  • Probability of Reimbursement
  • Research Claims
  • Determine a Plan
  • Provide Comprehensive Reports

Our senior analyst will provide an honest and no-risk evaluation of your accounts receivable and provide input about the probability of reimbursement. Synergy Concepts will perform investigational research on each claim to determine the best course of action to obtain a resolution. We will provide our process and plan to obtain a resolution with realistic projections. Comprehensive reports will provide transparency into your accounts receivable throughout the entire process.

Submit Claims Daily

By submitting claims either the day of the appointment or within one business day, we maintain a constant flow of claims to get them paid promptly.

Let’s Talk About Increasing Your Revenue

Let’s discuss your aging accounts and come up with a solution that works for you so that you can receive payment. Contact us now!