Billing & Claim Management

Billing & Claim Management

We know that the billing and insurance management processes are complex, frustrating, and time-consuming. Let us take these burdens off your shoulders.

Insurance Management Process

As your behavioral health billing partner and extended team, we offload these burdens with our experienced insurance and claim management team’s skills that are refined and perfected. As a result, you can expect decreased denials, overturned claim denials, and full transparency for improving your revenue and cash flow management outcomes.

The specialist experts at Synergy Concepts understand and keep pace with the evolving behavioral health billing and insurance management processes.  Our cost-effective billing solutions help you to achieve better billing and claim results.

Better Medical Billing & Claims

  • Electronic claim submission results in 99.9% clean claims
  • 4% of paid claims process under 60 days with an average of 23 days overall
  • 6% claim denial rates
  • 44.8% overturned denials through written appeals

Behavioral Health Billing Management Experts You Can Trust

Behavioral health medical billing is not a “one size fits all” solution. Finding the right partner that understands your practice, specialty, and billing needs can be difficult. We specialize in behavioral health medical billing so that we can focus our efforts on your facility.

Contact us today so we can show you why we are the behavioral health billing solution you need.