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Special Operations

We collaborate with our clients using special operations – providing the information and tools your staff needs for successful admissions, utilization reviews, and treatment.

Insurance companies are tricky. Some of your billing claims return and you have no idea why. Trying to figure out the “why” can be time-consuming which takes you away from your passion for helping your patients through their addiction treatments. Synergy Concepts specializes in tricky insurance companies and wants to take that headache away from you.

Expert Assistance

Synergy Concepts Special Operations team navigates particularly difficult and time-consuming claims issues including insurance company refund requests and complicated denial situations. This elite team of experts creates a dynamic task force to alleviate the frustration of managing these difficult situations internally, allowing your programs to focus on treating your patients instead of having to be concerned with the insurance management process.

Revenue Recoveries

Over $1.5 million was saved for our clients by our recoveries team. We research and fight 100% of all recoveries. Synergy Concepts recovery team makes sure you are receiving what you are owed by the insurance companies.

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